Introducing the Complete Test Series for Psychology Optional for 2022.

(Please note: The test series will be highly beneficial for people who have already appeared in the Mains before or otherwise are giving their sincere most attempt in 2022 itself. Based on these factors and as per the recommendation made by our senior faculty members, the seats for this program have been limited to 45 students). Call us now at 6203683305.

Evaluate your preparation with our comprehensive 8 Sectional and 4 Full Length test with a unique opportunity to interact one-on-one with our senior faculty members to get a detailed review of your performance at every step.

-  There will be a total of 8 Sectional and 4 Full Length tests.

-  The sectional tests will be evaluated by our faculty members as per the general norm i.e. evaluated copies will be provided along with remarks, value addition pointers, suggestions, etc. We will also provide a structured outline along with the keywords & researches for every question/ answer.

- The Full Length tests will be evaluated by our faculty members and the candidates will get an opportunity to sit one-on-one with the respective faculty to get an in depth evaluation of their test performance.

-  The in-depth one-on-one review can serve as a game changer in the exam as we lay special emphasis on factors like: how the candidates can meet the demands of the question, how can they make their answers stand out, value addition points are provided and an overall interaction gives the candidate a boost which will make them stand out in comparison to other performers.

- Students will also get access to PYQ Discussion Videos for every Unit from the last 5 Years along with a hardcopy of the Solved PYQ Book for Psychology Paper 1 (OakBridge Publication),


Faculty/ Core Evaluators:

Paper 1: Madhusoodan Sunnambala (M.Sc. Psychology, M.Phil. Psychology), Official Examiner for IB Psychology. Visiting Professor for Mangalore University, Kuvempu University 

Paper 2: Arun Kumar, Ex-Commissioner DI, Central Vigilance Commission. Before his tenure in CVC, Arun sir has also served in various Ministries including UPSC (2012), DOPT, Ministry of Defence. Sir has also been a guest lecturer at LBSNAA for various years. 


Our uniqueness:

Putting you on the Right Track for Paper 2:

After serving for over 20 years in various Ministries and Departments including Central Vigilance Commission, UPSC, DOPT, Ministry of Defence, and after 7 years of teaching expertise in the field of UPSC, Arun sir’s input has helped our candidates immensely to deal with the broad spectrum of Paper 2 of Psychology. It is a crucial point that every student must realize: that Paper 2 in Psychology is not merely limited to the Application of Psychology in the field of Psychology. It pertains to the Application of Psychology in context to other GS Subjects too and now to mention, that the current affairs are equally important. Keeping this in mind, the candidate must be guided in such a way that he/she can strategically write interdisciplinary answers with a special emphasis on Psychology. Arun sir’s specialization and guidance in this field is unique and something which will ensure that your answers stand out brilliantly in the exam and at the same time, you learn to incorporate the principles of Psychology in your Administrative tenure as well.

For Paper 1:

The biggest challenge student’s face in Paper 1 is that they are required to present a well structured answer, which meets the demand of the question, along with appropriate researches, real life examples, etc in a span of roughly 8-10 minutes for each answer. Even if the student has gone through the basic textbooks including Baron, Ciccarelli, NCERTs thoroughly, there needs to be a rigorous training and guidance which would help them organize this knowledge and present it effectively in a limited time span. Madhusoodan sir’s experience with evaluating over thousands of question papers in Psychology as an Official IB examiner will help the candidate become aware of these skills as and when they interact with him and track their progress.


Price: INR 10,500.               

Call us at 6203683305 to enrol.