Psychology Optional : Unit 5- Sensation, Attention and Perception

Unit 5- Sensation, Attention and Perception

This unit forms the basis of the further concepts we will be exploring under Human Cognition. Perception, Attention and Sensation makes it possible for us to make sense of our world. We will be looking at these different dimensions of Cognition at a Biological Level. We will look at how our brain integrates these different components  in order to give us the vast and vivid experiences we gain. And towards the end, we will have a discussion on the certain atypical aspects of Perception. The domain of Extrasensory perception and the power of Subliminal messages.

Sensation, Factors influencing Attention, Definition & Concept of Perception -Biological Factors

Perceptual Organization- influence of Past Experience, Perceptual Defence, Factors influencing Space and Depth Perception, The Plasticity of Perception, Culture and Perception, Subliminal Perception