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Ethics and Essay Classes


  • Lifetime subscription
  • Students will be mentored through Telegram Channel and Live Classes
  • One to One mentoring for one year
  • Copy checking and mentoring for superior level achievement by Arun Sir
  • Can join the residential workshop after PT Examination
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GS and Essay Classes


  • Lifetime Subscription
  • Online Subscription, Non Refundable, other support services like test series and individual mentoring are complementary
  • Students will be added as a member to telegram channel run by the Academy
  • Student Can Download And Sign-In The Magnus-App Using The Existing Account
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Mentorship Classes with Psychology optional


  • Lifetime online Subscription and Mentorship for one year, one stop solution for getting top ranks
  • All Aspects Of Plan run by Magnus + Mentorship for one complete cycle of Civil Services Examination or other Allied Examination+ Copy checking + individual Mentoring +holistic preparation including Personality test
  • Selected Students are in close contact with Arun Sir
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Dear students,

Thank you for an amazing response to the website, we hope that you like the content. From now on, the content on the website will not be complimentary as there has been a big investment from our pockets for the creation and maintenance of the website. This nominal fee has been added such that these uninterrupted services can be offered in the future as well. Moreover, a major part of the revenue generated by this endeavour has been planned to be spent for philanthropy work of imparting education through English medium in the remote villages. If there is any such student who cannot afford to pay, may write an email to us citing his/her reasons for the same.

We strongly believe that a student must have an integrated and wholesome approach to deal with the syllabus of UPSC. Broadly syllabus contains two types of contents- static and dynamic. Static contents cover History, Geography, Constitution of India, Basics of Economics and so on. Dynamic contents are mainly based on the topics covered under “View on News” topics in the curriculum of “MagnusIAS”. For this, the sources are many i.e;- Newspaper like The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Deccan Herald, Magazines like Yojana, Mainstream, Civil Services Times etc.

In our Pricing Plan these two aspects are taken care of. Firstly, students got the option to choose the program and can switch always to higher plans. Moreover, they can request for any compartment or topic separately after talking with the resource person. Like they can study any subject separately as the website cater this facility. However, the subscription once taken is non-refundable. We are having one ‘MagnusIAS APP’ installed, which have unique features to update itself with the new updated content available on the Website. So, you will have the advantage of listening the classes at any place and at any time, even though you are on move or on travel plan. Your study is not hampered for want of guidance. Magnus is offering a one-stop solution for Civil Services Examination. So, Happy Learning!