1. What is a SAVE class?

‘SAVE’ stands for ‘Smart Audio- Video Education’. The classes are pre-recorded in studio environment by experts with the help of digital electronic device. These classes are deliberately of shorter duration

2. How SAVE Class is different from normal class delivered in BMCC ?

In this class, experts do much research work before delivery of the content. As the classes progress, students are prompted to write more i.e. to take down notes by pausing the delivery, to analyze the concept and associate it with the earlier ac

3. In class room teaching, teacher is physically present to answer the queries raised by the student.

Each SAVE class are developed after much research work, taking in mind that which are the intelligent and basic query, which will rise in a student mind. The need and intellectual curiosity of the student has been taken into consideration. Since,

4. The internet speed is very slow at my place. How can I use SAVE class for my study ?

MagnusIAS has devised a system under Pplan A, where after subscribing, a student will be getting most of the classes in Tablet PC as well, besides getting the same material on the website- magnusias.org. Thus, students are having advantage of acc

5. Whether I need to pay extra for tablet PC ?

No, the price paid for subscription includes Tablet PC also under Plan A.

6. How will I get SAVE classes (preloaded)Tablet PC?

You will be provided Tablet PC once you subscribe the course on website magnusias.com. Tablet PC will be sent through VPP, the price of which will be borne by Magnus. Students can use all the features of website including SAVE classes instantly a

7. Whether MagnusIAS covers the entire syllabus of Civil Services?

MagnusIAS through its digital platform (web-site and Tablet PC) covers the entire gamut of PT examination i.e. GS Paper I and CSAT paper. For GS paper I of PT, UPSC covers the vast spectrum of GS Paper I, II and III of the Main Exam syllabus. Mag

8. Whether MagnusIAS has any liaison with any coaching institute?

No. In fact, MagnusIAS is not in favor of BMCCs in the existing set-up.

9. Whether do you prescribe books for studying the syllabus ?

In every section of the subject, experts recommend a particular book for studying. Students need to follow the SAVE classes, where the book has been prescribed clearly. It has been observed that SAVE classes along with PDF text (which are a post-

10. Whether only MagnusIAS is sufficient for full guidance for Civil Services ?

For PT examination and for Mains (Essay, GS paper) MagnusIAS covers the entire syllabus, and is a ‘one Stop solution’. At present MagnusIAS is working with its expert panel for introducing Optional Subjects and Interviews.<

11. Whether MagnusIAS has planned to organize mock interview in future ?


12. What about optional papers?

It is true that MagnusIAS has not covered optional paper as such. But, while teaching History, Geography, Polity and Economics as a part of GS Paper, students of these optional subjects are endorsing that the classes are of immense help for their