NEWS ANALYSIS : Value Addition class

Value Addition class

Under Mentorship programme, we need to evolve the concepts developed as per the need of the forthcoming examination. Most of the times, we need to link our static classes with the dynamic aspects of the syllabus. Sometimes, students ask question which are revant for all the subscriiber. So, this value addition class. Here, we grow with the News Paper and become acquainted with the updated position in Civil Services Examination. 

Zoom Classes

Zoom Claases are meant basically for mentorship students,


Mentoring also includes motivation, to guide to realise the goal, to achieve the target and to excel in the field with full vigour and enrgy. In Hindi, the nearest synonym of Mentor is "Guru". Here word "gu" à¤—ु  stands for 'Darkness' and "Ru" stands for "Light". Guru throws light on a dark road. But journey has to performed by the Pupil or Desciple. Motivation is like holding hand sometime, to let you feel that Guru is on the side of you.