An Overview of CSAT : Weekly Review and Test

Weekly Review and Test

 On every Saturday, a weekly test are  conducted for two hours duration. It is a mini-test, and will make the student to  assess their performance on weekly basis. Questions of this test will be on the pattern of Civil Services PT and Main Examination ( both). • For every week syllabus are given in advance. Like for the week 1(one), starting from  13th May 2019,  the syllabus is (1).Pre- History - 4 SAVE classes (2).Current Affairs, News Analysis and 'Views on News', delivered in the month of May (3.)CSAT Test comprising 20 questions • Test will be live at 4.30 PM on website. Time alloted is 90 minutes.


Weekly Review and Test- First Quarter

In the First Quarter, our focus is on CSAT, History and Views on News. It is presumed by us that by studying History, students get tuned with  the basic concepts of humanities  in a natural manner. It opens the vistas of General Studies syllabus of Civil Services in a natural way. CSAT is  another domain, which focuses on development of comprehensibility among the civil services aspirant. And, News Paper Analysis (Views on News) is a speciality of Magnus, which makes you updated with the GS syllabus from the first day. So, in the first quarter of your preparation ( initial 3 Months ) given herewith is a specially designed test for enhancing your ability to cope up with the challenges, which the  Civil Services examination thrust upon us.