Economic Survey And Budget

Economic Survey and Budget is the government paper from which questions had been asked invariably in every stage of examination. It is much relevant for a civil services aspirant to appreciate the policies and programmes of the government and UPSC wants to test his/her acumen in this field in a close quarter. You will find that in GS Paper III and IV, there are many subset of questions where candidate's ability to appreciate the Government's programmes are tested in an objective manner.

Chapter-Economic Survey and Economy Today

Study of Economic Survey is must for Civil Services' Aspirants. It has been experienced that every year 2 to 3 questions are being asked in PT from the latest Economic Survey. Besides in Main Examination also few questions are based on the concept of the latest Government Programmes envisaged in the Economic Survey. It is a matter of common observation that a serious aspirant who has minutely gone through the basics of Economic Survey are likely to get better marks in Essay Paper also. 

Strategy for India @75

Strategy for New India @75 is a Government of India- "NITI Ayog's" Policy Statement. This is very much relevant and pertinent for forthcoming Civil Services Main Examination. Few topics are important for PT exam as well. It covers topics  which are in true sense Government's Plan of Action in all the  spheres of Economy with an objective to make a vibrant Indi by 2022, in the 75th Year of Independent India. It covers domains under various heads like  Drivers ( Employment, Farmer's Income, Housing, Sanitation), Infrastuctures ( Road, Energy, Communication), Inclusion (HRD and Health) and Governance ( Govt Schemes for enhancing efficiency of  "Service Delivery).