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Civil Services Examination has been designed in such a way that UPSC tests the aptitude and competence of candidate in over all perspective like his/her grasping over the subject domain, which he has chosen as optional and his analytical skill of grasping the matter related to General Awareness, Current Affairs, Govt Policies etc and his presentation skill in concise and effective manner. Basically, these three domains determines the rank and profile of any Civil Services Aspirant. Of late, especially after 2013 much emphasis is being laid in three papers i.e. GS Paper-I, Paper-2 and Paper-3 on the the second domain i.e- Candidates grasping and analytical skill to evaluate the matter related to Current Affairs or General Awareness etc. We have made a tested methodology of teaching this dynamic field in the SAVE classes under "Views on News" section. Daily updating of the news is a prerequisite for a civil services aspirant. It makes you abreast with the happening in and around the world. It also reinforces the concept which you have studied in the static part of the GS Paper. Normally students find it difficult to filter the news from civil services exam point of view. Our experts are making a deft handling of the abstruse situation in a meaningful way for the benefit to those students who are serious for writing Mains 2017 and PT 2018.

Month- August-2017

Important News coverage of August 2017 which are relevant from Civil Services Perspective are finding its place in this chapter 


8th November 2017- Andaman Banana, IUCN, Flexi Staffing, Western Ghat, 69th Constitutional Amendment, Nirbhay Cruise Missile, UNFCCC, Tunisia, Indian Ocean Rim Association 9th November- Demoneitisation and its merits, MUDRA, Recapitalisation , Financial Stability Bond10th November---MCI (Medical Council of India), System of Air Quality and weather Forcasting and Research (SAFAR), Olive Ridley Turtle, Bonn's Commitment and NDC by India, Wadi Model of Agroforestry  11th November---Nemo Judex Causa Sua and Audi Altem Partem, Principle of Natural Justice, GST Council, Rani Padmavati and Saltanat Period, OPEC, Shale gas, 12th November 2017--Kambala, Jallikattu, Nagor Charriot race, VoIP and IMEI, ASEAN, India's Act East Policy, SAARC, BIMSTEC, Quadrilateral Grouping, Goa Film Festival and IFFI, Immunity of Sitting Judges, North East Monsoon , Imminent Disaster in Chennai

  • 13th November 2017-Mapwork of South China Sea,Short Note on North South Transport Corridor,Why ABBA ( Aadhar Based Biometric Authentication) must go especially for PDS,New Delhi Metallo Beta Lactamase (NDM),Super Straw Management System,OOrchheti, Jallikattu, Kambala,What is earth's climate future

  • 14th November 2017- (Act East Policy , ASEAN, BIMSTEC, Regional Comprehensive Economic Summit),Quad ( Coalition of democracies),Maternity Benefit Act,Farmer's Loan Waiver is not a solution,Rohingya's Problem

15th November1. (Time Line-00.00- 01.05) India asserts itself in China's backyard, 2. (01.05 to 6.50) Article 142 and Article 144,Appointment of SC Judges, Caeser's wife must be above suspicion, Principle of Natural Justice, CJI as "Master of Roster", Justice not only to be done but seen to be done, conflict of interest, Audi alteram partem, Nemo Judex in causa Sua,3. (6.50-14.07)-Climate Change and India's Bonn Commitment, Road Map for India, Renewable energy, 175 GW Green Energy, Transport Decarbonisation Scheme, Graded Response Action Plan 4. (14.25 to 16.25)- Chilka Lake 5. (16.25 to 19.25) To reduce the health inequalities between the state of India, it is necessary to plan health interventions on specific disease burden situation in each state. Critically alayse. 6. ( 20.08 to 20.26)- Bill banning superstitious practices in Karnataka, Meda Snan 7. (20.26 to 20.40)- Socialist vs. capitalist debate 8. (20.40-   )- International Court of Justice

  • Date- 16th Noember 2017 (Thursday)(1.Tme 00.10 - 04.30)-Zimabwe- Location, Geopolity 2.(04.33-9.00)- Rabari Tribe 3.( 9.00-12.58)- Kharari Came, 4.(14.25-16.28)- America Protectionist policy vis-vis WTO Regime 4. (18.00-19.00)-Tsunami and Quadrilteral 5. ( 20.12-21.14)- Wakf Board and shrine at Srinagar 6. (21.14- till end )-MOU with Bank , Recapitalisation of Bank, NPA, SEBI, Insolvency and Bankcruptcy code

  •   17th November 2017-(Friday)(00.20- 02.20)- Write a short note on National Anti-ProfiteeringAuthority (02.20-03.00)- Revise your notes on – Anti Superstition Bill inKarnataka (03.00- 04.58) Add relevant points in your early write up on “Sufiand Padmavat” ( 04.58 to 7.50)Revise your notes on ASEAN and Act East Policy,Trans Pacific Partnership, RCEP (7.50-09.50)- Revise your notes on Centre-StateLegislative Relationship, Article

November-2017 Part -2 (21st November to 30th November)

Date- 25 th November 2017-Saturday -  News in Focus-  End Game in Syria ( Assignment- Draw a geo-political map of Syria, Syrian Conflict, Peace resolution)- Write up in 400-500 words (2) GST on Fuels- Role of State in GST (50 words) (3) China's Mediation in Rohingiyan Problem (50 words) (4) India's Solar and Wind Energy Programme ( 100 words) 5. Insolvency and Bankcruptcy code (revise your notes) 

Date-28th November 2017 (Tuesdday)- 1.Right to Freedom- Hadiya Case- Revision 2.NJAC versus Collegium-Revision 3.Right to Privacy- Aadhar Card- Revision 4.Data Protection- White Paper 5.Naga Conflict- Revision 6.UNCAT-(UN Convention against Torture )


December 2017- Part I

1st December 2017 (Friday)-  GDP surges in Q2, Data Protection 4th December (Monday) -1. Baba Budan Giri, 2. Global Hunger Index, Yurlung-Tsangpo Brahmaputra, Lancang- Mekong,  Depsang,3. Ransomware, 4.Bitcoin, 5.Disability 5th December (Tuesday) - 1. Revision of extradition treaty 2. Bail -in Clause in FDRI 3. Yemen Crisis 4. Simultaneous election in Centre and State 5. Convention against Torture 6. Zheng and China's maritime ambitions. 15th December 2017 •Section 8 (4) of Representation of People’s Act 1951 •Adhaar validity – extension Article 144 •BT Cotton •Mahanadi and Polavaram Project •Economy slows in Q3 -2017 •Russia- India- China’s Trilateral Meet •Disaster Management after Ockhi •Hate Speech and IPC


16th December 2017- (1) Talaq -e- Biddat (2) Interlinking Ken Betwa Project (3) WTO at Buenes Aires (4) TB in India (5)  Ministerial Conference with China on Border Issues (6) NPA, IBC and IBBI  (7) Inequality in India (8) Cyber threats 17th December 2017• Net Neutrality • Ockhi- Tropical Cyclone • Wassenaar Arrangement • Bhoodaan in AP 18th December 2017-• News in Focus- Man- Animal Conflict, Project Elephant, Elephant Census • News in Focus- Triple Talaq, IPS 498, Muslim Women (Protection of rights on Marriage) Bill,2017 • EPFO and ESIC- Write up on Social Security • Skill India – Revision with NSQF, National Career Service, NSDC • Article- Technological innovations accelerate the rhythm of change • Editorial- Exoplanets- Kepler 90i, Kepler 80 g 19th December 2017• Status of OBC (SEBC) in constitution • UPCOCA- UP control of organised crime • Stubble burning in Punjab, Haryana, AQI • Speedy trial in Lower court • Income inequality • Cyber Security- Ransomware • Climate Change- Urban Heat Island • Farm Reforms • US Vetoes UN Call on Jerusalem 20th December 2017 -USA’s National Security Strategy to hail India’s emergence as a global power • Rohtang tunnel in HP, Theng tunnel in Sikkim, Umingla in Ladakh • e- Way bills for transport of goods  and GST • Artificial Intelligence  21st December 2017-•Oldand Obsolete Laws Repealed•USA’s National Security Strategy and India•Article-Wetland ( Conservation and Management) Rule 2017•Financial Resolution and DepositInsurance Bill 2017•Oil Price and OPEC •Artificial Intelligence and IOT•Frozen Embryo  22nd December 2017-Friday•2-GScam accused acquitted•AirQuality Index•Harissain Jammu and Kashmir in ChillaiKalan•GST –An analysis•ESMA•AnAmendment in RPA for casting vote by NRI  23rd December 2017- Saturday 1.UNResolution on Jerusalem2.USA Pressuretactics on Jerusalem3.Govt.policies on pulse4.Catalan separatist win legislative vote 5.US pressure on Pakistan 6.US considers to fight immigration 7.IVC-New findings on the way- Rakhingiri site   24th December2017, The Hindu- Sunday 1.Revisionof the Weeks’ Current Affairs2.IUCN- Vultures3.Diptheria- Cynobacterium diptheriae, Indradhanush4.Ochi-Update5.ChanderiStyle6.ASEAN and China  25th December 2015, Monday-1.Tribesof Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh2.AirPollution3.NorthKorea conflict4.NCLT-Update5.WTO-Update6.GST-Someinsights  26th December 2017, Tuesday- 1.IndianNational Centre for Information Service- Page5. (2).Lingayat/VeerShaivaite  issue- UPDATE (3.)Jerusalemand UN- Update4.Indo–China Special Representative meet on Border Issues5.Transgender– Rights and IPC 377. (6.)USAand WTO- Doha Round and After- News in Focus (7.)TacklingMaoism- Internal Security (8.)EconomicTerm – Cantango - 27th December 2017- Wednesday- 1.Lineof Control and International Boundary between India and Pakistan2.Shravanbelagola3.NorthKorea conflict and IAEA4.PodTaxi in Delhi5.Inequality-India and China – a comparison6.IndianPatent Law – Section 3- (d) (7.) Indo-ChinaRelation- KraCanal. 28th December 2017- Thursday- 1.Manipur-State in Focus2.Mahadayi River- Madovi River (3.)NepalElection (4.)TripleTalaq (5.)Japanese Encephalits6.NationalSecurity Agency7.John Rawl’s Primary Goods8.NorthKorea- Nuclear Weapons9.CPEC and Afghanistan Entry (10.)SouthAfrica in Focus 29th December 2017-Friday -1.TripleTalaq Billpassed2.NPA and Structural Reforms3.CompensatoryAfforestation Act- 20164.History of Manipur5.InterceptorMissile Defence in India6.Coping pressure in School (7.)2- G Scam8.INSPIRE-Re


1st January 2018- Monday-(1)NationalGreen Tribunal (2)ODFState- Arunachal Pradesh (3)1818Battle of Bhima Koregon (4)GandhianView on Swaraj- Air, Water and Grain(5)Brexit-2017and after (6)FiscalDeficit widening - 2nd January 2018-Tuesday-(1)NationalRegister for Citizens in Assam (2)RealEstate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (3)Antibioticand Resistance (4)CoralBleaching  ( 5)ArtificialIntelligence- Google’s text to speech 3rd January 2018-Wednesday-1)Financial Resolution and DepositInsurance Bill 20172)Electoral Bond for Political Donations3)Bhima-Koregaon War-18184)National Medical Commission Bill -20165)Fiscal Deficit 6)Bankruptcy (Amendment) Bill -2017  4th January 2018- Thursday- 1)How Rajya Sabha MPs are elected2)Chilka Lake – Some insights3)Mahadayi River – Water Dispute4)Genomic Revolution5)Withdrawal of US Aid to Pakistan6)Compensatory Afforestation FundManagement and Planning Authority 5th January 2018- Friday-1)Child Marriage in India2)Human Rights Court- a necessity to guard human trafficking3)China to keep around 6.5 % growth goal4)“Buggy” – A water desalination jeep- a gift from Israel5)A Sivanandan (1923 -2018) – A Black Intellectual 6th January 2018- Saturday-1)GDP Growth – 4 year low of 6.5 percent in2017-182)Constitutional Bench to look at adulterylaw- 23)Supreme court’s timeline for the disabledto the public facilities4)Dialogue between North Korea and SouthKorea5)Organic farming in India6)H1B visa Curb Plan 7th January 2018-Sunday 1)Darkening of Siang River inArunachal Pradesh2)Medaram’s Jatara- Samakka-Saralamma3)National Register of Citizens4)Anti Microbial Resistance5)Bhima Koregaon and Present day electoral politics 8th January 2018- Monday- 1) INS Arihant – Ship Submersible Ballistic Nuclear(SSBN) Asset2)Laser Interferometer Gravitational WaveObservatory (LIGO)3)North Korea Conflict4)Muslim Women ( Protection of Rights onMarriage) Bill – Editorial5)Economy Slows Down6)United Nation Convention against Torture(UNCAT)7)Land Holding by Government8)Emission Gap Report 2017- Climate change9)FRDI  9th January 2018- Tuesday- 1.Section 377 of IPC- Some updates2.NALSA V/S Union of India3.Cybercrime victims can complain online4.Indo- China-Pakistan- Triad5.Bitcoin and Crypto economics6.Ozone Pollution7.Bharat Net Covers 1 lakhs panchayat 10th January 2018- Wednesday-a)SC Interim Order to make National AnthemOptional in Cinemahallb)H-1 B Visa Rulec)ISRO- Mission to launch new satellited)LGBT- Decriminalising gay sexe)Reforms in Agriculture- Lead Articlef)National Tiger Conservation Authorityg)Akash- Surface to Air Missile 11th January 2018- Thursday -1)Centreallows 49 percent FDI in Air India2)BCINotices MP, MLA on Legal Practice3)Two Tier Shield for Aadhar Data4)PSLVLaunch 31 Satellite5)National Medical Commission Bill 12th January-2017- Friday-In a first, collegium picks woman lawyer as SC judge 2. India confirms NSAs met in Bangkok 3. Crocodiles and humans coexist peacefully in Odisha village 4. Virtual Aadhaar ID: too little, too late? 5. India must seize the chance: U.S. 6. Space companies bet big on PSLV 7. India must seize the chance: U.S. 8. SC asks for panels on Mullaperiyar dam 9. Netanyahu’s visit to give a leg-up to India-Israel ties 10. Buddhism is basis of an early form of globalisation: Kovind 11. Beijing wary of Indian presence in S. China Sea 12. Ecuador grants Assange citizenship 13. Independent directors must help monitor firms 14. Tax authorities attach benami properties worth INR. 3,500 crore 15. India, U.K. hold trade talks in Brexit’s shadow, eye FTA


16th January 2018- Tuesday (Part 1)- 1. Special Status of NCT ( 2.) LOC ( 3.) Jallikattu  (4).  Aadhaarvalidation   ( 5).  Purandara Carnatic Music  6. Sunderbans 7. Operation Digital 8. RTI Section- 8 e (9). India Israel ties (10). Wholesale inflation 16th January 2018- (Part -2 of 2)- (1) Agricultural Price Fluctuation (2) Soil Organic Carbon- Natural Farming (3) Aadhaar -UIDAI  17 th January 2018- Part 1 of 2 - (1). Revision of Supreme Court and Appointment of CJI and other Judges 2. Justice Malimath Committee Report 3. Haj Subsidies 4. Revision of Western Ghats- Palani Mountains and Shola Forest 17th January 2018- Part 2 of 2- (1) Megalith in South India 2. Illiteracy in India 3. NAAC and Online Courses 4. Jallikattu 5. Bond Yield in Bank 6. Target Public Distribution System 18 th January 2018- Part-1 of 2- 1.AadhaarProject – Supreme Court’s observation2.Revisionof JudicialReview from M Laxmikanth book3.Surge in Sensex4.Coffeeplantation in Western Ghats5.Linking River – Polavaram6.Menopauseand CVD 18 th January 2018- Part 2 of 2 - (1) 19 th Constitutional Amendment in Srilanka (2) Judicial Reform (3) ASER report and RTE (4) Tobacco Product and NCCD (5) Syrian Crisis and After (6) Passport and ECR Category 19 January 2018- (1). Padmavat(i) and Article 19 (2). Polls in Three states- Revision of RPAct3. Co-operative Federalism and FinanceCommission4. AGNI – V and IGMDP 5. Solar Energy in India and its Scope6. National Commission of Women andHonour Killing 20 January 2018- Part 1- and Part 2- (1).Office of Profit- EC wants 20 AAP MLAsdisqualified2.Indigenous Air Craft Carrier – Vikrant3.India- Israel Ties4.Geo-political setup in Asia- China-Russia and Pakistan Axis5.National Medical Commission Bill 23rd January 2018- 1.Mimicry– Batesian 2.M- StrIPES3.RoadKill App4.DACA,DAPA, DREAMER5.Syria-Kurds- Turks 6.OfficialLanguage- Article 343 to 351  7.ECRand Orange coloured Passport 8.CancerousCell and Golgi Body 9.ASEAN,RECAP 10.NPA  24 January 2018- 1)World Economic Forum2) INSPIRE3) Criminal Justice- MalimathCommittee Report, Madhava Menon Committee @ Draft National Policy on CriminalJustice -2017”4)India likely to become fastest growing economy in 2018 onwards- IMF5)Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 20176)Private Entities access to Aadhaar Card –how much rational !7)ASEAN8)New US Tariff angers Beijing 25 January 2018- (1)Bank Recapitalisation Fund (2) SARAS- HAL Project (3) HPV (4)Aghanistan Crisis (5)India and ASEAN (6)Turkey and Khurd Crisis (7)Conservation of Turtle (8)Stabilising Population Growth in India  26 January 2018- (1)Padmavat- Creative expression (2) India- ASEAN Ties- Freedom of Navigation (3) Padma Vibhushan to Illaiyaraja (4)Air India- a debate on “Public Sector” (5)Reading the constitution (6)Euthanasia (7)Impeachment of CJI (8)Tableau on Republic Day



The News Analysis done by us on daily live streaming is important for us. In this month, we had made indepth analysis of - (1) Ease of doing bussiness (2) IPV and Polio Eradication (3) B-VI Emission Norms (4) Conflict between RBI and Central Government (5) Chhattisgarh State in Focus (6) GSAT-29 (7) RAFALE Deal (8) Tropicl Cyclone Gaja (9) OPEC Nations 

Year 2019

The videos uploaded beow is a series of our innovative approach to introduce a new pedagogy. We try to make a video magazine on the lines of Magnus SAVE (Smart Audio Video  Education) approach to make the goal to achieve our target for Civil Service GS Paper.