GEOGRAPHY : Indian Geography

Indian Geography

Indian Geography covers the most salient and fundamental aspect related to General Studies paper as a whole. The knowledge of topography, climate, river systems of Indian Continent pave the way for analysing the important aspect of culture and history of India as well. Though there are more than 7 questions in PT from this section, its importance is more pronounced for understanding the base line of History, Culture, Economy and as whole of the whole GS Paper. It is, in fact a hinge on which the GS Paper revolves. For a civil services aspirant, I recommend the reference book- D.R Khullar on which major part of SAVE classes are based. But, I had taken reference from so many other sources like The Economic Survey, Wikipedia, Maps of India. Students are advised to actively listen the SAVE classes first, then to proceed to D.R Khullar's Book and after that students should practice with the Question Bank available in the Market.

Chapter-1-An Introduction to Indian Geography

This chapter gives a vivid account of the salient aspects of Indian sub-continent, it's frontiers, geopolitical importance of India

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Chapter-2-Physiography of India

The concept of physiographical features which include the mountains, plateaus, plains, western ghats, eastern ghats etc are vital

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Chapter-3-Drainage Systems of India

This chapter includes the important concept related to "River Basin in India", Multi-Projects on River, Irrigation, Water resources.

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Chapter-4- Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

Before undertaking the SAVE classes on this topic, students are advised to revise the classes of "Section- Ecology

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Chapter-5- Soils in India

"Soils in India" lays the foundation of Indian Agriculture Systems. In Examination, we do expect direct questions in

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Chapter-6- Indian Agriculture

This chapter is the most vital chapter of Indian Geography from which every year a large number of

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Chapter-7- Mineral Resources of India

Mineral Resources of India is an important chapter from General Studies point of view. We are expecting one

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Chapter-8- Energy Resources in India

Energy Resources in India is an important chapter from the point of view of priorities being accorded by

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