History : Heritage And Culture Of India

Heritage And Culture Of India

History and Culture are inseparable, they are integrated and understanding of heritage of our civilization is vital to appreciate the composite culture of our nation which are reflected in music, dance, folk dance, drama, painting or other visual arts. Architecture is an important aspect of culture which has been dealt in the preceding section. This section deals with the unique facets of visual arts with a focus to Civil Services Syllabus.

Chapter-1- Classical Music of India

Indian Classical Music is an important aspect from which questions are being asked in Mains as well as

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Chapter-2 Dance Forms in India

Dances in India has been considered as the divine manifestation of the inner self, which is tuned on the raga

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Chapter-3 Paintings in India

Students normally rote the facts related to painting, and in the examination they take the question not in

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Chapter 4-Languages and Culture in India

History and Development of Language is important topic, from which questions are being asked in

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Chapter-5- Architecture, Sculpture and Pottery

Regarding tangible part of cultural heritage, we have studied while we were studying Indian History

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