ECOLOGY & ENVIRONMENT : Ecology And Environment

Ecology And Environment

“Ecology and Environment” is an important section of GS Paper-III from which in the previous year PT examinations (2013,2014 etc) 25 to 30 questions had been asked. Interestingly, the options given there, as alternative, were so close that most of the students, who had even finished this subject in their coaching classes, faltered by marking the incorrect answer. Hence, this subject requires a clear conceptual understanding to eliminate the close options given in the question paper of PT examination. In Mains, emphasis is there to test the candidate’s grasp of new developments taking place in the arena of Environment. A balance has been made in the SAVE classes, which you are going to experience.

Chapter-1- Ecosystem

It is interesting to note that UPSC, in past had repeatedly asked questions from the very basic concept

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Chapter-2- Bio-Diversity

The reference book for understanding the concept of Bio-Diversity is NCERT class XII, Biology. Though, I do recommend

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Chapter-3- Environmental Issues

Of late, UPSC is posing more challenges to students by asking the basic issues which are persisting in

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Chapter-4- Climate Change

The burning topic of climate change needs special attention by Civil Services Aspirants vis-a-vis changes taking place at

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Chapter-5 Acts, Conventions and Institutions in Environment

As a serious aspirant, students usually rote the different Acts, which they find difficult to recollect in the

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