An Overview of CSAT : Weekly Review and Test

Weekly Review and Test

 On every Saturday, a weekly test are  conducted for two hours duration. It is a mini-test, and will make the student to  assess their performance on weekly basis. Questions of this test will be on the pattern of Civil Services PT and Main Examination ( both). • For every week syllabus are given in advance. Like for the week 1(one), starting from  13th May 2019,  the syllabus is (1).Pre- History - 4 SAVE classes (2).Current Affairs, News Analysis and 'Views on News', delivered in the month of May (3.)CSAT Test comprising 20 questions • Test will be live at 4.30 PM on website. Time alloted is 90 minutes.


Weekly Review and Test- First Quarter

In the First Quarter, our focus is on CSAT, History and Views on News. It

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