History : Medieval India

Medieval India

To understand and appreciate the composite culture of India, (Which is a pre-requisite for Civil Services Aspirant) a proper understanding of Medieval India (800 to 1709, death of Aurangzeb) is must. The Chola, Rashtrakuta, Pallava, Pal , Mamluk, Mughals and many others shaped the culture and woven it in the fabric of Socio-Economic-Political tapestry in such a way, that our culture became unique. It is enthralling to study Sufi, Bhakti, Sikkhism, Din-e-elahi

Chapter- 8-Socio-Political Set-up (800 to 1200 AD)

The period of 4 century depicts a unique trend of growth of regional powers in India, war for

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Chapter-9- Delhi Saltanat

Integration of Islamic culture from west was a new wave in the existing culture of 13th Century India,

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Chapter-10- India in 14th and 15 th Century- Vijay Nagar Empire

The culture matrix of Indian society got a new dimension in the field of music,architecture,warfare and trade. The

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Chapter -11- The Moghul India

Mughal dynasty, Mughal also spelled Mogul, Arabic Mongol, Muslim dynasty of Turkic-Mongol origin that ruled most of northern

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Chapter-12-Mughal India- Fusion of Indo-Islam Culture

Akbar’s son Jahāngīr (reigned 1605–27) continued both his father’s administrative system and his tolerant policy toward Hinduism and

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